Tips to Combat Pandemic Fatigue

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Family Health

As the cold weather hits, and public health measures remain in place, many Albertans are feeling isolated and burnt out this winter. 

Alberta began to see COVID-19 health measures come into effect in March of 2020. Fast-forward eleven months later, and not only are these restrictions still in effect, they are even stricter. As a result, compliance with recommendations made by health officials is declining, resulting in what the World Health Organization (WHO) defines as “Pandemic Fatigue.”

Also referred to as “COVID Fatigue,” this form of burnout occurs when people begin to feel demotivated about following recommended behaviours put in place to protect themselves and others.

Unfortunately, a decline in compliance with public health measures (such as social distancing and mask-wearing) could have consequences. As difficult as it can be to find the drive and motivation to continue practicing these recommendations, we must try to do our part to protect each other and our healthcare system. 

“I know this is challenging, but we all must continue supporting each other by doing everything possible to reduce the spread of COVID(-19) and to protect our health system for a little while longer.”

Dr. Deena Hinshaw

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Our Top Tips for Reducing COVID Fatigue

Go outside

man running outside

Whether it’s for a full-on hike, or just 20 minutes in the yard with the kids, spending time outside is an easy way to relieve feelings of being cooped up. There is growing evidence that spending time in nature has plenty of of positive mental health benefits, including:

  • Reduced symptoms of depression
  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety
  • Lower stress levels

Focus on things you can change

There are so many things happening all around us, and most of them are completely out of our control. By focusing on simple health-improving habits you can change right now, you can boost your feelings of confidence—and maybe try something new in the process.


  • Trying a fun recipe
  • Doing a virtual workout
  • Reading a good book
  • Listening to a mood-boosting podcast

Give yourself a break from the news

It is important to stay informed, but sometimes taking a break from pandemic-related news can be good for your mental health. It can feel draining to see friends and family members debate on social media, and often the content we’re exposed to is simply not informative or helpful. If you are experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to take a screen break.

Speak with your health team

The best way to feel empowered about the decisions you are making during these challenging times is to speak with your Calgary healthcare team. These professionals can clear up any questions or concerns you may have about recommendations to protect you, and your community, from COVID-19. 

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