Dr. Ijiofor

Dr. Ejiofor

Signal Hill Clinic

5959 Signal Hill Centre SW, Calgary, AB T3H 3P8

Ishioma ( Ishy ) completed her family residency program at the University of Calgary in 2008, following a Master’s degree in Public health / epidermiology from Boston University, USA and medical school in Nigeria. She loves people and is passionate about people’s well-being. Family medicine practice has given her the opportunity to make a living doing what she loves to do.

She has had the opportunity to live in three continents and found herself so much at home in Canada with its great, kind, polite, generous and diverse people, a magnificent landscape that is only best experienced than described. She is constantly thankful to God for the opportunity to live and bring up her children in this great country that is now her own.

She is married with four children ages ranging from 13 to 5 years old. She loves social gatherings and dancing to all kinds of great music. Her favourite past times are reading , trying out various multicultural food and dancing. She seizes every opportunity to dance both in at home and in her home Church of Southside Victory.